ShadowClan is one of the biggest clans around also know for there strong and amazing warriors and some of the best leaders. Founded on January 21 2017, by ShatterdHeart {warriorcat6002}. Our camp is some what big closed in by the beautiful colored trees. ShadowClan's cats are recolonized mostly by there pelts that are the colors Brown, Jet Black and Grey. We like to travel and hunt together, never alone. We refuse to leave any cat behind for unnecessary reasons.

Territory Owned: Mt Shiveer And Sarepia Forest

LOCATION OF CAMP: SnakeFang18's Den


Pack Of Tragic Claws: {FrostyPaww}

RiverClan: {unknown}

Forest Fire: {unknown}


New ranks have been oped up! maybe the one you have been wanting is up.

We may or may not be having a battle with RiverClan

We may be changing the name of our clan with votes


  1. You MUST follow the warrior code, If you fail to do so HARSH punishments can and will be made.
  2. Fighting/ Causing unnecessary drama will not be tolerated EX: Having a fight with another clan for no good reason, Having Kits out of no were
  3. We will NOT be power playing/using magic powers to defeat what ever we are fighting with, and this will not be tolerated.
  4. Please respect your elders your clan members kits and leader, we are trying our best to keep the clan in tip top shape.
  5. Please Be as active as you can. The leaders will understand if school is in your way.
  6. Please NO bright colors such as pink, green, purple, yellow etc. we want to bled in with our surroundings
  7. Animals you can be while in ShadowClan are Bunny's as kits, Arctic wolves and regular wolves as adults foxes/ regular wolf as apprentices. other animals will not be allowed in ShadowClan.
  8. No kittypet clothing such as skirts,crowns, fairy wings, etc.
  9. Bullying other cats from other clans and our clan will NOT be tolerated and you will be kicked out of ShadowClan.


LEADER: {closed} The head clan member. Can be she-cat or Tom. Deputy Will take over when leader dies or retires. Very High Respect

DEPUTY: {closed} other head member. can be she-cat or tom. will take over when leader dies/retires. Very High Respect.

Medicine Cat: {closed}rank help care for the sick/inured cat of the clan. can be she-cat or Tom. Very High Respect.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: {open} This Rank help the medicine cat, tends to the sick/injured cat while studying. High Respect.

SENIOR WARRIOR: {Not Limited} Warriors that have been SUPER loyal. Have been a warrior for at least 8 moons. very experienced. High Respect.

WARRIOR: {Not Limited} Warriors that have not been warriors for a long time.can battle, hunt. High Respect for each one.

APPRENTICES: {Not Limited} Warriors in training. MUST be six moons AT LEAST before training. High Respect For Each One.

QUEENS: {Not Limited} She-Cats have/are expecting to have kits Queens can leave the nursery once their kits are 6 moons and are ready to become apprentices. High Respect

ELDERS: {Not Limited} Cats that have retired or have become to weak/old to hunt/battle. High Respect.

Kits: {Limited} Young cats thats are under 6 moons. High Respect.

MEMBERS {Clan name, username, rank,} Edit


ShatterdHeart {warriorcat6002}

-is a light brown tabby with dark brown as well with bright hazel eyes

-Mate of SnakeFang

-Mother Of SkyKit and BlazeKit


TigerClaw {SnakeFang18}

-Is a fully black cat with blood red eyes

-Mate Of ShatterdHeart

-Father Of SkyKit and BlazeKit

Apprentice: SkyKit

Brother of BloodGaze

Medicine Cat:

BloodGaze {redgaze18}

-is all white and ha dark red blood eyes

-Mate None

-Kites None

Sister of TigerClaw

Medicine Cat Apprentice



SkyKit {FrostyPaww}

-fully white she-cat with brown spots and bright blue eyes

BlazeKit {yourpretty22}

-A ginger Tom with lighter ginger spots with bright green eyes


GreyPaw {rarebunny24567}

- A grey she-cat with dark grey moons and dark green eyes

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